San Francisco Fashion Photographer

Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer | Sara

We love creating moody, brooding images. It's an aesthetic we come back to quite a lot, despite Milan and I being anything but that. We're quirky, silly and tell the corniest of jokes. We keep things light on set, but still manage to direct our angsty vision. It's a world of contrast and we love it. Thanks are always given to our models for not cracking-up in the middle of our shenanigans. 

Model: Sara Bernson
MUA: Kessenya @ Powder Room
Location: Heirloom Fox

San Francisco Fashion Photographer | JE Model Leah

As busy photographers, it's challenging finding the time to shoot just for you. To reignite the fire. To try new things with out the fear of failing in front of a client. It's something we believe in and encourage photographers to do of any genre, not just fashion photography. 

So when we came across this wild, rugged, granite, cliffside location we knew we had to shoot there. It was instantly inspiring, as was our model, Leah from JE Model. And totally worth the drive into the middle of nowhere.