Sunday Morning

This shoot is all about doing a playful take on a 'girl in her apartment' story. Casting is EVERYTHING and our model Rachel couldn't have been more perfect in portraying those vibes. As was the location. We get so much inspiration from those two elements.

Big thank you to our team:

Model - Rachel Bussey

Makeup artist - Krystal Garza

Hair - Jaymz Marez

Videographer - Cameron Farboud

Fall Fashion Editorial for Marin Magazine

We absolutely ADORE working with the team over at Marin Magazine, so when they called us up to do another fashion editorial for them we were thrilled! It's working with such positive, creative, and super fun people like them makes for a dream shoot. This editorial is for their fall fashion edition shot on location at Fort Baker. The old military base made for great contrast to the looks their fashion editor pulled together. 

Hair + Makeup - Sophie Simoneaux

Soho London with Julia

Back in Spring Milan and I had the opportunity to fly over to London for a short period. It was our first time to London and we couldn't have been more excited to go and sad to leave. We instantly fell in love with London and NEED to go back. 

While out there we had a shoot with model Julia along with hair and makeup artist Chloe Campbell. For the shoot we wandered the streets of Soho, talked about how London smelled so much better than New York. WE LOVE NEW YORK, but it does smell like wee :) And how we need to get a 'Cheeky Nando's.' Sadly we missed it, but we did manage to get fish n' chips, tikka masala, full English breakfast and so much more. 

Los Angeles Photographer | Olya

For Milan and I, a number of things can spark inspiration for us. Travel, lighting, music, a slice of pizza. But for this shoot the initial spark came from a dirty rundown motel with lots of character. There's nothing like authentic grime to really drive inspiration lol. But seriously the atmosphere was perfect to build our shoot with funky vintage 70s clothes and the amazing model Olya from Crawford's Model NY and makeup artist Morgan Merrill. We even broke out our Polaroid Land Camera's for a few shots and one of them made a cameo in the shoot. I think we need to name them at this point as they have a lot of personality themselves.